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Urban Analysis is a management consulting firm for changemaking through policy, planning, and politics. I support our public and civic leaders in their charge to build smart, sustainable, and inclusive cities.

Urban policies are the codes by which we govern and develop our cities. I specialize in the best practices for these codes—urban policies that uplift community, generate business, and invigorate pride of place.

Honored to be a Founders’ Fellow for the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and a doctoral researcher at American University in Washington, D.C. My research is driven by a fascination in how metropolitan governance, urban planning, and city management set the market conditions for economic development.

Social problems require holistic solutions, so I employ the skills of organizational development, social science, policy analysis, urban planning, and community leadership. I have experience working with diverse teams to advance the common good in government administrations (federal, regional, and municipal), nonprofit organizations (with missions for education, environment, and community-economic development), and institutions of higher education.

Birmingham is my home, and my roots stretch across Central Alabama. I invest my professional and civic energy into building up this city and into uniting this region by supporting our leaders with expertise and execution.

America is looking for a model of equitable development. We should aspire to that model—the Magic City! We have everything we need to become America’s mid-size city model for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. If we work together, we can become a global force for human rights and public health. Missions like these can be achieved when community leaders join forces to tailor best practices to the needs, and around the strengths, of our people.

I work to leave a legacy. Let's explore how I can build yours.

Christopher Tyler Burks , Founding Principal

Christopher Tyler Burks, Founding Principal

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Chris increased the project capacity of my team by coordinating over $3 million in intergovernmental funds and accelerating our push to build a multimodal campus network. A trusted self-starter, Chris also developed university policies and maps that will promote placemaking and public art. I’d recommend him to any team in need of a strategic urbanist and creative problem solver.
— James Fowler, Director of Transportation at the City of Birmingham
Chris assisted in the development of our complete streets ordinance. His research on walkable, mixed-use urban planning is insightful and motivating. It’s nice to have him in Birmingham.
— Tim Gambrel, Principal Planner at City of Birmingham
As president, you rely on a well organized and forward-thinking chief of staff. Chris surpassed my expectations. He served me and the Graduate Student Government well with a keen eye for policy and organizational development. We all benefited from his vision, training, and advocacy.
— Garrett Stephens, Special Assistant to U.S. Senator Doug Jones
I direct the UAB MPA Alumni Mentor Program, an initiative envisioned and developed by Chris in partnership with the Alumni Society and the Department of Public Administration. We connect the experiential wealth of UAB’s alumni network with the career needs of our students. This program exemplifies Chris’s ability to both strategize and capitalize. He has been a thoughtful partner to me and a talented asset for UAB; I’d recommend him to any organization.
— Danya H. Segrest, Corporate Development & Special Events Director at UAB



Improving our quality of life is my aim and my guide.

I give my clients expertise for decision making and a leg-up in implementation.

I will expedite your goals.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Christopher Tyler Burks

Founders’ Fellow for the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and doctoral researcher at American University in D.C. Home base in Birmingham, Alabama where I founded Urban Analysis, a management consulting firm for changemaking through policy, planning, and politics.

I love cities and imbibing their culture. I have explored the design and land use of 117 metropolises in 21 countries and territories on 5 continents—people and places at all levels of economic development. Transportation systems have been a focal point in my case studies; cities live and die by the capacity, accessibility, and diversity of their mobility assets.

I spark engaging communication and research application. Skilled in public speaking and writing for decision makers with data visualization, geographic analysis, and strategic planning.

Board member and mentor for the UAB MPA Alumni Society—always looking for ways to improve our program and support our students. I also serve on the Board of Trustees for the Awesome Foundation - Birmingham awarding $1,000 monthly mini-grants. Apply today with ideas for how to make our city and community more awesome!

I want to grow Birmingham's public wealth and build up our public institutions so that we can better meet the people's needs and promote the common good.